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'Marvel Snap' Keeps Introducing New Maps No One Can Get

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While I don’t miss my old CCG, Hearthstone, in terms of needing to buy loads of RNG-based packs with every expansion, which my New CCG, Marvel Snap, does with its new card releases becomes almost more confusing and frustrating.

Marvel Snap doesn’t release huge collections of new cards at once, it only releases a handful. But now in this new “Savage Land” season, there’s a map that you can only get by buying the $10 season pass, and then four that are introduced in the series 5 map tier that has was introduced last month.

What this means in practice is that by continually dropping new cards in Series 5, the game has created a situation where it continues to release cards that 98% of the player base simply won’t get not or generally will not even see. And while this is clearly “whaling,” even for big spenders, there’s also no easy path to collecting these new cards.

In Marvel Snap, Series 3 cards are dealt approximately once every 4 Collector Caches or so. With over 70 Series 3 cards to collect, it takes a long time to get them all, which is what the vast majority of the player base is currently working on. But then, there’s supposedly a 1 in 10 chance that card cache 1 in 4 is a series 4 card instead. And a 1 in 100 chance that it’s an ultra rare Series 5 card. And that’s where all those new cards, like this season’s four out of five, are thrown in. All of the maps added last month besides the Silver Surfer from the Battle Pass have also entered Series 5. After their respective seasons, Battle Pass maps like Surfer and now Zabu will be heading to…you guessed it, Series 5 .

The alternative here is to spend 6,000 Collector Tokens on a single Series 5 card, which rotates in the shop. But if you don’t have all the Series 3 cards, you only get 100 tokens every few caches or so, and it’s pretty painful to save 1,000, let alone 6,000.

But then again, even for whales shelling out for mega-priced packages that can include 2-3,000 tokens, it’s still nearly unattainable. In fact, there was only two lots never sold it even directly included tokens, one that cost the gold equivalent of $86, another that cost $107.

Concretely, this means that 80% of the new cards introduced by Marvel Snap are placed in these extremely expensive or extremely rare tiers that almost no one will ever get, same lots of big spenders. It is not a logical system.

Ben Brode from The Second Supper commented on thisand agrees that the current rhythm is not good, but maintains that it will change in the future:

“In the ‘endgame’, players will receive an average of 4 new cards per month. As a F2P, you will be able to choose whether it is a 5-series card and the just downgraded 3-series cards, or 2 4-series cards and the 3 which have just been demoted.

I’m curious to see how it feels once we start getting into that rhythm. I think it’s unfortunate that right now most people aren’t able to meaningfully engage with S4 and S5 (and that’s something we’re discussing right now).

Maybe that’s the dream, but that’s just not how it works right now, mostly because there aren’t even any cards have was downgraded from Series 4 to Series 3 to appear in this pool, and no timeline was given on when that will happen. Once you finish round 3 you start getting more tokens hence the idea that even F2P players might save for a round 5 card in any given month but we are far, far away of that now, and most players maybe get to collectible level 2500 -3000 before they complete the whole series. That’s a long way for most others, even someone like me who played non-stop. We’ll see how that changes in the future, but for this new season, it feels like just another batch of cards that we’ll hardly ever see in play or in our decks.

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