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Google's Nest WiFi Pro routers are at their lowest price ever

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Google spear support for the new Matter standard for Nest and Android devices on December 15, and Google Nest Wi-Fi Pro routers have been designed to act as Matter controllers or hubs – in addition to providing access to the potentially faster and less congested WiFi 6E band. Routers just hit their lowest price ever, with single routers and multipacks taking 20% ​​off at Amazon. That makes one unit $160, up from $200, and the two and three packs up to $239 and $320, respectively. Note that multi-unit packs are only available in white at this time – if you want multiples of the other colors you will need to add individual units to your cart.

Google Nest Wi-Fi Pro Router


Nest WiFi Pro routers offer tri-band connectivity, providing access to the 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz frequency WiFi bands, which the majority of existing devices operate on, as well as the newly available 6 GHz band. Smartphones and other WiFi 6E enabled devices can enjoy connections up to twice as fast as standard WiFi. A single Nest WiFi Pro unit will cover WiFi connections up to 2,200 square feet. With three routers, this coverage extends up to 6,600 square feet and will also give you a mesh connection, which is ideal for larger homes and homes with physical interference such as thick walls or multiple floors.

Mindful of appearance, Google gave these new routers a rounded design and a glossy shell, which happens to be made up of 60% recycled materials. The look was “ceramic inspired” and is meant to blend in with a home’s decor.

Like a Question hub, Nest WiFi Pro routers are enabled to connect all Matter-enabled devices so they work together seamlessly. A common frustration with smart home devices has been the inability of devices from different brands to work together. Created by the Connectivity Standards Alliance, a group that brought together Apple, Google, Amazon, Samsung and many other companies in the smart home market, Matter is a universal standard that aims to solve this frustration by allowing devices to work together in more transparent way. It will also allow new smart home devices you bring home to be easier to connect in the first place. Not all devices are compatible with Matter, but the new standard will likely apply to most smart home products in the future.

Of course, if you’re just looking for something that will act as a Matter hub, you might already have what you need. When Google enabled Matter in December, automatic updates turned many existing Google Home speakers and hubs into controllers for Matter. The iOS 16.1 update brought Matter support for iPhones and HomePods, and Amazon enabled Matter control on many new Alexa devices soon after Google did.

As well as acting as a smart home hub, Nest WiFi Pro routers also have built-in Thread network support, enabling connections to even more devices that run on this low-power wireless network. And if Google is your favorite smart home interface, you should be able to control everything through the Google Home app.

Now that Google’s new routers are cheaper than ever, it might be a good time to invest in the latest WiFi connectivity that supports both Matter and Thread control.

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