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cowboys vs commanders week 18

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The Cowboys have a regular season game to play, and so much is still uncertain about the playoff picture.

The Cowboys sit in the No. 5 spot, slated to play Tom Brady and the Bucs next weekend unless a few things change. The Cowboys can still get the No. 1. 1 and No. 1 2-spot hit but need help. If the Eagles and 49ers both lose, coupled with a Cowboys win, they will have a first-round bye and earn the No. 1 seed. If the Eagles lose but the 49ers beat the Cardinals as expected, the Cowboys will be No. 1. 2 and play at home next week against No. 2. 7 seed, which could be against the Packers.

Either way, there will be plenty of scoreboards to watch alongside this game.

Find out what our editors think will happen this weekend in Washington and other NFL cities.

Patrick Walker: It’s going to the wire, people. While some would have preferred the Cowboys to wave the white flag on the NFC East by sitting down as starters against the Titans, they thankfully didn’t, and the Eagles’ loss to the Saints was a reward for the process of Dallas reflection. And with a shot at the division crown, and possibly more, on the line this Sunday against the Washington Commanders, the Cowboys are pedaling to the ground. It’s a good thing, too, because although the Commanders have now been eliminated from the playoffs, they will likely leave everything on the field to ruin the Cowboys’ chances of improving their playoff ranking while trying, for many, to secure sure they have a job in Washington in 2023. It’s too bad for them the Cowboys aren’t slacking off, and with starters taking the field on Sunday to make sure they don’t, they’ll try to break the minds of the commanders at halftime. Cut out the mistakes and they’ll do just that in what should be a blowout win to secure the 2022 season sweep; and maybe more. 45-10 Cowboys

Nick Eatman: It’s not an easy game to predict and the main reason for that is Washington. Of course, the Cowboys have to win this game and will play that way. For commanders, it’s a different story and getting into the psyche of this locker room is a challenge. Are they turning around because the season is over and there will be no playoffs? Are they injured to the point where many key players will sit? Or do they play loose and fast and go out to spoil the Cowboys’ chances of winning the division, which would certainly boost their fan base (much more than a friendly pig mascot) heading into the offseason. . But the way the commanders play will only affect the final score. I see the Cowboys once again scoring a lot of points and reaching 30 points. Washington, behind rookie Sam Howell at QB, will get the ball moving and show some life. But ultimately I have the Cowboys winning this one 30-21, but I still think they’ll have the No. 1.5 seed with an Eagles win.

Hailey Sutton: A lot happened this week that made it hard to focus on Washington. Damar Hamlin’s injury, Hall of Fame selections, playoff photo; It just seems like things were bigger than the regular season finale against the non-postseason Commanders. But as Mike emphasized again in his last press conference on Friday, the Cowboys are aiming to win the game and put all their energy into that task. They’ll face another backup quarterback with a limited swath, offering even more challenges in the build-up, as well as the league’s third most effective defense. All good things to go before the guaranteed final game of the season, though. I think this game gives the Cowboys an opportunity to address their weaknesses, solidify some spots and hopefully come away with a tied 13th win. It won’t be easy – Commanders are rambling and like to play spoilers – but give me Dallas with the 33-21 dub.

Kyle Youman: Usually when one team still has everything to play for and another has nothing to play for, things can get crazy. Washington has a talented roster on paper, but for some reason just couldn’t fully convert in key situations this season. So there’s additional frustration with how things have gone for them this season. While Dallas needs its own domino (a win) to fall first before it can hope for playoff rewards. I anticipate Dallas taking full advantage of a build-up opportunity by taking care of business early and often against Washington before pulling starters late. Dallas gets the thirteenth big win, 41-20.

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