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40 Weed Predictions Very Likely To Come True In 2023

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Call us Pot-stradamus – last year we reviewed our crystal bongs and correctly predicted the future of weed in America with 74% accurate! Is it a second sight? No. Bruce and I have been in the weed information trenches for 25 years. The trends follow clear trajectories: as, for example, the spread of legalization from West to East.

Below, we outline our predictions for the next steps in federal and state legalization, hot new strains, mushrooms, and CBD. We got 40 weed predictions with a high likelihood of coming true.*

Cannabis Strain Predictions

GastroPop grown at Sonoma Hills Farm, bred by Compound Genetics.  (Courtesy of Sonoma Hills Farm)
Gastro Pop. (Courtesy of Sonoma Hills Farm)

This will be the year of Rainbow Sherbert 11 and cross, which is third and fourth generation Zkittlez work. the Root beer the tension will take off. Even with Too Cherry and Super Boof. Gastro Popas well as strains made from they or they the line will appear.

The seed selling industry will get even crazier now that the DEA said Anything with less than 0.3% THC is just hemp; like birdseed. Everyone will have a seed mark. The golden age of cannabis genetics sheds further light.

We will have proof that some terpenes— the aromatic molecules of weed — create an odor and effects that are out of proportion to their quantities. We will also discover previously unclassified or unnamed molecules contributing to the flavor and effect.

Solvent free Live rosinis to have an even bigger year.


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Weed Lifestyle Trends

Moe Green’s legal weed saloon in San Francisco. (Jamie Soja for Leafly)

We anticipate that hundreds of new clinics will open in dozens of new cities. Delivery services will be extended.

Vegas will jump at the forefront of the trend of cannabis consumption fairs. New state-licensed lounges will open in Sin City, many with the over-the-top design and luxury amenities we’ve come to expect from America’s adult playground.

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At least one of the new lounges will partner with a ride-sharing company to get customers safely home (or, let’s be honest, their hotels on the Strip).


How long do magic mushrooms stay in your system?

A mushroom The backlash will begin after a high-profile incident amid the surge of charlatans exploiting the hype. New research papers on why shrooms help will come out. New articles on why shrooms can hurt will be released.

New cities will legalize/decriminalize psychedelics. Other cities/legislators will toughen penalties for psychedelics.

Ketamine therapy will continue to become more mainstream and begin to jump the shark.

CBD, delta-8 and beyond

Cannabidiol science will advance – with new discoveries about medical effects, or lack thereof.

New studies will find unhealthy compounds and effects in new cannabinoid products like THC-O.

New states will crack down on synthetic cannabinoids like delta-8-thc, hemp-derived d-9-thc, THC-O, HHC, etc.

Cannabis Industry Predictions

Pacific Stone, Carpinteria, CA. (Mike Rosati for Leafly)

Pot prices won’t soften in Illinois. A legal supply strangled by the government will not meet the demand. Pot prices will continue to fall in Michigan. Supply seems to exceed demand.

Enforcement of medical marijuana law in Oklahoma will intensify. The rampant cultivation of medical marijuana has sparked a backlash. Oregon’s illegal market enforcement will go into effect. Illicit vendors flooded the legal market in 2022.

The world’s largest legal cannabis market, Los Angeles, will remain at a standstill without a significant increase in physical outlets and more lawsuits. California will not control its illegal market. As a result, California prices will remain low.

New York is going to have a rough first year of legal and licensed sales: Expect high prices, few stores, more lawsuits, dirty weed, and a continued crackdown on unlicensed sellers. A brutal government rollout means demand far exceeds legal supply in a few stores. An untested illicit market meets the rest of the demand, which stimulates law enforcement.


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Cannabis stocks will remain depressed. High inflation moderated cannabis sales and triggered high federal interest rates, which depressed stocks. Equally depressing actions – no movement on legalization in Congress (see below).

Other states will follow California’s lead and create organic labels, like California’s OCal program – “a statewide certification program that establishes and enforces cannabis standards comparable to those for organic cannabis.”

More celebrity brands will be launched. We will see the first big famous brand go bankrupt.

More aggrieved parties like Variscite NY One, Inc. will challenge inventory programs in class. The federal lawsuit currently blocking dozens of New York stock licenses could set a chilling precedent.

New cases of lung damage from contaminated THC vape cartridges may appear, most likely a limited outbreak of EVALI in a ban state. The hemp-derived THC loophole has opened up significant sales and marketing opportunities for vape cartridge manufacturers, with no lab testing guarantees in place for consumers.

Federal Reform Forecast

John Fetterman rose from mayor of Braddock, Pennsylvania to a statewide position and took his outspokenness for legalization with him. (Leafy Illustration)

Congress will close the Farm Bill loophole that allowed hemp-derived cannabinoids to flood states with bans.

The FDA will continue to warn CBD sellers of false claims, but the FDA’s final rules on CBD will not be released in 2023.

2023 will not see any cannabis legalization bill passed Congress. Republicans take control of the House, which means Republican committee chairs have the power to block any cannabis reform bills they don’t like, even if the bills have enough voice on the ground to be adopted.

The House has passed the MORE Act (which would end federal prohibition on cannabis) twice in the past two years, but that winning streak will end in 2023 when Democrats hand over control of the chamber to Republicans. The MORE Act co-sponsors will still have enough votes for House passage, but the measure won’t hit the ground running in 2023 if the prohibitionist Republican committee chairs don’t like it. Kevin McCarthy (R-CA), the presumptive new Speaker of the House, will also block legalization measures from moving forward during his term. House Dems will block Republican-led pot reforms. We expect that the Senate will not even have to intervene.


Cannabis gets nothing from Congress as session winds down

In the US Senate, Democrats will still control the agenda and they still won’t have enough votes to pass a legalization bill. Heavyweight Democrats like Sen. Jeanne Shaheen (D-NH) will balk at a question they don’t understand and refuse to consider. Federal THC potency limits will be discussed but not enacted.

Sen. John Fetterman (D-PA) will be both a strong advocate for legalization in the U.S. Senate and will also work behind the scenes, having personal conversations with his peers in the Senate, about the need for legalization.

Congress will pass a small additional cannabis bill. Not SAFE Banking or MORE, but another bill cutting red tape around research.

Reprogramming will be reviewed by the US DOJ but not decided. There will be a hearing.

State Legalization Predictions

More American smokers could get legal California cannabis under a new law signed by the government.  Gavin Newsom.  (Leaf)

Two states will try to make interstate commerce, but the actual legal weight moving across borders will be zero. Headlines will be great, though.

More dormant trade clause lawsuits will occur, but the rulings will be narrow. They could remove some aspects of the Controlled Substances Act, but they will not reverse it.

Oklahoma Voters will pass the legalization of adult use in a national election on March 7, 2023.

Ohio You will vote on legalization, but it will not pass as the consensus continues to build.

Minnesota State lawmakers will pass a bill to legalize adult use after months of wrangling over details.

In Hawaii, state lawmakers will finally pass a comprehensive adult use legalization bill, along with the new governor. Josh Green (R) ready to sign it.

New Hampshire state lawmakers will make strides to secure votes for a comprehensive bill to legalize adult use, but the governor. Chris Sununu (R) remains adamantly opposed to the idea. Without Sununu on board – and vowing to veto any measures passed – state lawmakers will improve past bills, but won’t make the effort to pass them this year. That will have to wait for Sununu to move on.

Other states will adopt Radiation and/or resentment for past marijuana-related offenses.


America hits 21 legalization states after roaring midterm elections

Drug testing rules will ease in new legal states.

There will be more class action lawsuits around THC power inflation – they are very appetizing for lawyers who like to write press releases. But they won’t hold up in court because lab standards are so variable. California will adopt national laboratory testing standards through regulatory review.


And that’s the end of our 2023 cannabis predictions. We wish you good luck in the new year in all your endeavours.

*As always, these forward-looking statements are dependent on the people and details involved, subject to the vagaries of the universe, including but not limited to: the Yellowstone supervolcano, UFO landings, the integrity of the Antarctic ice sheet and the vagaries of novel coronaviruses.

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