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10 crazy NFL offseason predictions: Tom Brady jumps ship, Jim Harbaugh returns and COs get new owners

The last offseason was supposed to be the craziest in NFL history. The wide receiver market was completely reset as several wide stars were traded, we saw a lot of quarterback moves, Tom Brady He retired and then did not retire, and Sean Payton resigned as head coach New Orleans Saints. It’s going to be tough to top the madness of the last offseason, but expect this upcoming offseason to be interesting as well.

What future for Brady? For Aaron Rodgers? What kinds of changes are coming to the league this offseason, and what will be the head coach’s most surprising title? Below we’ll make and break down 10 crazy predictions for it. NFL out of season.

With the San Francisco 49erstab decision Trey Lance as a starting quarterback and the emergence of Brock Purdy, it seems Jimmy G’s days at The Bay are numbered. The quarterback carousel this offseason is going to be interesting and could be just as wild as last year. Garoppolo will be one of the most intriguing callers looking for a new home.

After we’ve all witnessed by Zach Wilson struggles, the Jets will be looking to add another quarterback. With Robert Saleh’s familiarity with Garoppolo, this could be a game. The Jets have underrated talent in the backfield and at a wide receiver. Adding a quarterback who can be a consistent game manager would make New York better immediately.

COs love to make questionable quarterback decisions. of authorization Kirk Cousins walk, sign Mark Sanchez in desperation in 2018, to exchange for Carson Wentzon the bench Taylor Heinicke for the aforementioned Wentz and throwing out the 2022 campaign, Washington pretty much did it all. Carr signing with Washington kind of sounds like a “commanders” decision.

Washington can’t woo Tom Brady or pick one of the top flaggers in 2023 NFL Draft. Thus, in stages Carr. The former Raider isn’t bad, but he’s not a young man who will rejuvenate the franchise either. Some fans will really like this decision, some won’t.

8. Tony Pollard is very interested in free will, leaves cowboys

There are several intriguing running backs looking for new deals this offseason, including Saquon Barkley, Josh Jacobs and David Montgomery. The one I predict will receive the most interest, however, is Tony Pollard of the Cowboys.

Pollard earned Pro Bowl honors this season by racking up a career-high 1,359 scrimmage yards and 12 touchdowns in 15 games played. Whether working in the passing game, beating defenses around the corner with a throwing sweep, or simply functioning as your typical back between tackles, Pollard is a versatile weapon that teams will be bidding on – more than Barkley, Jacobs or Montgomery.

Spotrac Projects Pollard will sign a three-year, $25.40 million contract with an average annual value of $8.4 million. My prediction is that it will be higher than that, with his new AAV topping $10 million.

7. Dan Snyder sells his team to Jeff Bezos, Jay-Z, Matthew McConaughey

This offseason is finally happening. After more than two decades, the Washington NFL franchise will be under new ownership, as Snyder sells its beloved commanders to a group led by Amazon founder Jeff Bezos, musician Jay-Z and actor Matthew McConaughey.

Commanders announced in November. 2 that the Snyders had hired Bank of America Securities to “consider potential transactionsLeague sources are estimated to be CBS Sports NFL Insider Jonathan Jones that the full franchise would sell for between $5.5 billion and $6.5 billion, but some believe it could cost even more.

After being kicked out by the Cowboys this season, OBJ will sign with his former team. It looked like the Cowboys were all-in when signing Beckham, then he showed up for his visit and Dallas signed… TY Hilton. Despite all the reports that the two sides were/are still talking, we haven’t seen anything come to fruition, and it’s fair to wonder if anything ever will.

Another reason Beckham might be interested in his former team is that they seem to be on the rise. Brian Daboll was clearly a good recruit, Saquon Barkley became a star again and Daniel Jones can be a franchise quarterback. At the very least, he’s earned the right to be the guy in 2023. The Giants have a need at wide receiver, and OBJ has been keeping in touch with some of his friends there.

After the season, Jackson and the Baltimore Ravens will again enter contract negotiations. Didn’t go too well last year thanks to these dang Cleveland Brownswho gave Deshaun Watson a fully guaranteed contract. ESPN reported that Jackson turned down a five-year extension worth more than $250 million with $133 million guaranteed to sign before the start of the 2022 season.

This fully guaranteed contract is a huge hurdle to overcome in this situation, which will lead to tension between the two parties – who both want the same thing. My prediction is that Jackson will demand a trade after not getting that fully guaranteed deal. Armed with the franchise tag, the Ravens will use it. By Joel Corry, CBS Sports cap guru, the franchise-exclusive design will most likely be. Four of the last five quarterbacks were designated as franchise players, the exclusive tag was used.

Now the question will be whether Jackson really Want to leave Baltimore? I’m saying no — and there’s no way the Ravens are making offers for their star quarterback. Ultimately, Jackson will play on the tag, but the fanbase won’t have a fun offseason.

4. Sean Payton is not returning to the NFL

As we approach the end of this regular season, my prediction is that you are going to see the Payton’s Fashion Train leave the station at full speed. The former Saints head coach will be that “big fish” every nfl team need for a new leader is going to be after, and it will turn into something of a draw.

However, I predict Payton will shock everyone by not returning to the sidelines. There will be several factors why Payton ultimately won’t return, but one of them is that his best position wasn’t available. There has been a lot of noise around Payton and his level of interest in Justin Herbert and the Los Angeles Chargers. With them in the playoffs, Brandon Staley isn’t going anywhere.

3. The NFL further escalates the brutality of the passer

It was reported last month that the NFL will discuss the possibility of making the brutality of the passer a reviewable sanction. The league has made touching the quarterback a daunting task for defenders, as sack artists aren’t even allowed to let the natural force of gravity affect them — like when they momentarily put their weight on the quarterback — back while bringing it to the ground. Instead of reversing course with these rules, my prediction is that the NFL will indeed make the penalty reviewable – which will be a disaster.

Remember when the NFL made pass interference reviewable for a year in 2019? It seemed like such a good idea in theory, but it didn’t work out that way. Only 13 out of 81 pass interference challenges were successful in 2019. by SI.com. There were two reasons for this, in my opinion. One, I guess the league wanted the officials to lean back to their original call, and two, slowing down those kinds of plays in the review process really confused things.

Basically we paused games to see what we perceived to be clear and obvious pass interference penalties in slow motion, only for the official to turn on his mic and announce there was no penalty . It was maddening, and that’s what will happen with the brutality of the passer.

It’s become a yearly tradition: “The X NFL team is interested in Michigan’s Jim Harbaugh.” I thought Harbaugh’s stuff was going to be easy to ignore this offseason since he rejected the Minnesota Vikings last year and returned to the University of Michigan “with an enthusiasm unknown to mankind!” while telling the athletic director that flirting with the NFL was “a unique thing.” Well, here we go again.

According to Athletic, If offered a job to get back to the pros, Harbaugh is expected to take it.

“I think it’s a done deal if he gets an offer,” a source close to Harbaugh told The Athletic.

Harbaugh played for the Colts from 1994 to 1997 and is part of their Ring of Honor. While only going 20-26 as a regular season starter, Harbaugh helped the Colts advance to the AFC Championship Game in the 1995 campaign while earning league honors. Pro Bowl and winning Returning Player of the Year. We already know that Jim Irsay loves his former players. Harbaugh would be a better option than Jeff Saturday.

1. Tom Brady jumps on pirate ships

The 2022 campaign got off to a bad start for Brady and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, but he and the offense have bounced back and could be ready to make a playoff in a tough-to-predict NFC. But what happens in 2023?

Brady will be a free agent, and I’m sure he will be again when he retires. In the end, I say he decides to head to the west coast and join the Las Vegas Raiders — Jump one pirate ship for another. The Raiders have a few pieces on offense with Darren Waller, Renfrow Hunter and Davante Adams, and Brady has plenty of experience working with Josh McDaniels. AFC West is responsible for Patrick Mahomes and Justin Herbert, but Brady doesn’t care. He will try to win one of the best divisions in the NFL before hanging up his cleats.

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