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Workers reveal the worst holiday gifts their employers have ever given them

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If you’re one of those lucky people who get a work holiday bonus or a fancy gift from your boss every year, count your blessings.

Because some people really get boozed when it comes to corporate holiday gifts.

A recent Reddit thread detailed how bad some companies are at giving employees Christmas gifts every year.

And we’re talking gifts bad enough to get you out of the job, like homemade pens, leftover company coffee mugs, and gift cards that were later deducted from people’s paychecks.

In the annals of the worst employers of all time, these people must rank near the top of the bad guy list.

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Here are Reddit’s worst holiday giveaways from miserly employers.

Some people received gifts from their employers that they ended up having to pay for.

This experience was shocking among Redditors, and it came in all sorts of forms, like someone receiving an award for which they “had to pay taxes on the physical metal they gave me.”

Then there was one person whose company gave everyone a $50 bonus and then “garnished it from our bank account on Boxing Day.”

Somehow, Clark’s boss in “Christmas Vacation” seems downright generous by comparison, doesn’t it?

But perhaps the weirdest and most “oh come *on*” form was one person who said they got a discount on company party tickets.

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