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What the Falcons said after their loss in Baltimore

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Head Coach Arthur Smith

(on the intentional ground call and how it affected the game) “Obviously I’m not going to comment on my opinion on the refereeing. Situationally, when they give a penalty, a lot happens. We had a timeout and the second round left. Without going into more details, because I don’t want to be fined. I’m not sure what I’m allowed to say. I’m not trying to be judgmental, but there’s a lot of communication that needs to take place in this situation. We’re right there at the one [-yard line], we’re going to look at everything and improve, but give Baltimore credit. So there’s a lot going on.”

(about what he was told about catch/no catch in the red zone) “[The official] said he thought when he came out, he hadn’t kept possession. We will come back to this, we felt quite confident and threw the [challenge] flag. They have to review it and go through their whole procedure. It was a call from the field.”

(why not say something about refereeing) I’d rather give that money to people in Atlanta who need it, [rather] than give it to the people at the league office or whatever they do with it. That’s why I prefer to give it to people who need it.

(on the description of the intentional grounding and if he saw the contact) “You kind of answered your own question there. I’m just not going to get into the subjectivity of officiating. There are a few situations where we can be better, and that’s what we’ll be looking to I thought Desmond [Ridder] went one step further against a pretty good defense. In the end, we didn’t win situational football. Baltimore did, and they came away with a win right there. We need to look at everything we do in order to make improvements. We have to improve on a situational level.”

(on QB Desmond Ridder) “I think you saw him play quarterback a lot in a back game. I thought his decision-making was good and he was pretty accurate. I thought he made some big throws when the pressure had gotten to him in the second half, And that’s what you want to see He was calm and collective and I thought he was delivering the football A few things here and there we need to look at in the red zone. and things like that. But I thought from the pocket presence against a quality defense that gives you a lot of looks, I thought he had pretty good balance.”

(on the crossover between WR Drake London and QB Desmond Ridder) “You can see that. I think they have pretty good chemistry. It’s pretty obvious, after two starts by [Desmond Ridder]and credit to Drake [London] Also. There are other guys working and opening up. There is a trust factor there. I will have to watch the movie. It was a big catch, the one that went down into the red zone. He went up there and took it, top shelf. This is where you see some of that basketball past, getting up there and getting it is what you need. We have to keep working on ball security. Like I said, situational football, that’s where we failed today.”

QB Desmond Rider

(going down slowly to start the game) “Obviously we want to get out and start every game fast and then finish the whole game and play complementary football – both in attack and defense – and that’s something we didn’t do from the start. We didn’t go out “There, we didn’t start fast, as we said. I think we had two or three quick three-and-outs, which really hurt our defense and put them back on the field very quickly. And that’s something we just have to be better at on offense.

(on intentional grounding call) “Yeah, I mean, I didn’t know you could get intentionally called down when your arm gets hit. I was just trying to get out of the pocket. Obviously it was a keeper. You know, my first read wasn’t there; I felt the defender on me, tried to extend it maybe a tick a second too long than I should have. But at the end of the day, I mean, my arm got hit, I know. The ref made the call, and at the end of the day, we have to follow what the ref says. Then we have to play the next game.”

(on how he would rate his progress from last week to this week) “Last week after the game we talked about being settled in the pocket and letting things come to you, and I felt like today and throughout this training week last one, that’s what I did pretty well. Just be comfortable in that, you trust the guys up front to do their job, what they did, and trust the guys away to win, which they did as soon as the ball was kicked in. That’s something we’re going to keep working on and keep being quick from the start. But, you know, as and as the game went on, obviously things got more comfortable, and I just played the game.

WR Drake London

(on what happened on his fumble) “I mean, I thought I did everything I could to secure the catch. He’s one of the best cornerbacks in the league and he just hit it and made a better play.”

(on whether taking off your sleeves had anything to do with groping) “I think it was just the last straw with the sleeves. I did everything I could and it still slipped, so I just have to take some time. I didn’t fumble the rest of the game and that’s a positive sign.”

(while getting acquainted with QB Desmond Ridder) “We’re starting to feel comfortable with each other. I don’t think we’ve understood each other at all yet. I’ll say we’ve understood each other when we get wins.”

(on how he felt he did the rest of the game) “I think I had a solid game. It wasn’t anything spectacular. Obviously the kind of breakaway erases anything I could have done to help the team win. But if we look at the positive things, I think I had a decent game. I wouldn’t say it’s the best.”

(on if the cold bothers him) “It’s the coldest game I’ve ever been to. Being from Southern California, you know I don’t see any of that. Playing there in Southern California, I don’t travel not really in a coldest place The coldest it is It was Utah, and it was about 30 years ago It was a different kind of atmosphere and a different weather, so it was difficult, but I think I did well.

RB Tyler Allgeier

(on if the weather bothers him) “It was the coldest game I’ve played for sure. It was fun. Obviously we didn’t get the result we wanted, but it was good. I think everyone everyone had the right mindset to win, but we missed out.”

(on what is going well for him) “I think it’s just trusting the practice points, the O line blocks their tails. I’m trying to make them look better and get through the right read.”

(on what happened on the goal line where he tripped) “I was licking my chops to be honest, but I don’t know. I think I ended up tripping over Desmond’s [Ridder] foot. Like what are the odds? I think I need to watch the movie and see if the aiming point and all that was tight or not. It’s kinda stuck in my head, you know? I just need to watch it, fix it and make sure it doesn’t happen again.”

S Richie Grant

(after being knocked out of the playoffs) “I didn’t know that until you just told me. It hurts. But we have to finish our schedule. That’s what’s most important right now. Defeat is a disappointing thing, but like I said, we have more games on the schedule, it’s all about finishing.

(on how he thinks the team played defensively today) “I feel like it was a pretty solid D. There were a few plays they beat us, but we managed to hold them for most of the field goals. I think it was a pretty solid day and we just have to keep getting better every week.”

(lit if weather affected) “I don’t think that’s the case. I think God had a good mindset today. Everyone came in with the right attitude. We knew it was going to be cold and we couldn’t help it. do. Just go out and play ball.”

(on Ravens rushing attack) “Oh yeah, they’ve got one of the best running teams in the league for sure. They’re doing a good job using the quarterback, and we prepared for that, and a few games got away from us. But I think we We did a good job of the rally and we tackled pretty well. And, you know, we just didn’t make it in the end.”

ILB Troy Anderson

(on facing the Ravens rushing attack) “There were some things we’d like to do again. Some of their sideline shots were really effective. The quarterback running game is really challenging. We’re going to watch the movie and learn from it.”

(on the need to start sooner) Obviously, only 17 points [allowed]. They got 14 pretty early. If we go out there and start faster, that’s kind of our thing the last few weeks, is we have to start faster.”

(on recent losing streak) “I mean, it’s been a grind. That’s how the NFL is. It’s tough every week. Every team is talented. We’re just trying to get over this hump and get back into the win column.”

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