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Updates on potential candidates for the Ducks

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We’re one day away from the early signing period to start in the world of college football, which means that in the next 24 hours, a ton of high school prospects are going to put pen to paper and let people know where they’re going to start. their academic career.

While there are still plenty of uncommitted prospects who will make their final decisions known, some of Wednesday’s biggest fireworks may end up coming from top recruits who are currently committed to a school, but announce they are moving on. to another . .

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It’s the tipping point of the season, and we’ve already seen it impact the Oregon Ducks with the news of 5-star QB Dante Moore goes to UCLA Monday morning.

We expect the Ducks to sign a star-studded class on Wednesday based on the guys who are currently committed and locked into the program, and there’s a chance that could get even better with some late additions that Oregon is working on. always hard. .

A few days ago we presented a number of potential candidates to return for Oregon. Let’s take another look at this list with the first day signing knocking on the door, and discuss some of the uncommitted prospects and players in the transfer portal who could also make a move.

Notre Dame Peyton Bowen 5 Star Security

247 Sport Rating: 5 stars (0.9919)
National Ranking: 14
Ranking of positions: 2

The buzz: Over time, it seems recruiting for Bowen has become more of a race between Oklahoma and Oregon than Notre Dame. If you had to figure out which team is leading to land 5-star safety right now, it would have to be the Sooners, who have collected several scouting predictions to execute the turnaround. That’s not to say the Ducks are out of the running just yet, but they certainly have some work to do if they want to skip Oklahoma and bring the talented DB to Eugene.

5-Star Texas A&M Defensive Lineman David Hicks

247 Sport Rating: 5 stars (0.9961)
National ranking: 9
Ranking of positions: 1

The buzz: Hicks was one of the two players I felt most confident landing with the Ducks a few days ago, and while I still think there’s a good chance he’ll heads back to Oregon, Texas A&M is working hard to retain it and do a good job of it. Hicks paid a visit to College Station last weekend, and that seems to have dampened the potential for a turnaround for now. Again, I don’t think Oregon is out of the running, and this one will probably come down to a signing day announcement, but if I’m forced to choose at this time, I’d go with Aggies.

Iowa Kadyn Proctor’s 5-Star Offensive Tackle (Flip to Alabama)

247 Sport Rating: 5 stars (0.9939)
National Ranking: 12
Ranking of positions: 1

Update: Kadyn Proctor announced Tuesday afternoon that he will move to Alabama Crimson Tide.

The buzz: He was the other player that I was extremely confident of Oregon’s ability to return. All signs pointed to Proctor being committed to the Ducks through his relationship with Adrian Klemm, his multiple visits to Eugene over the past two months and the parental support that has been shown for Oregon. However, Proctor visited Alabama last weekend, and now there are several predictions coming who have the No. 1 OT in the 2023 class headed to Tuscaloosa to join Nick Saban. Like Hicks, this looks like a signing day announcement with the Ducks working hard to get back on top of the run, but it looks like the smart bet is Alabama right now.

EDGE Matayo Uiagalelei 5 stars

Photo courtesy of Dave Uiagalelei

247 Sport Rating: 5 stars (0.9851)
National Ranking: 17
Ranking of positions: 2

The buzz: Throughout Matayo Uiagalelei’s recruiting, it feels like the Ducks are in the hunt for him, but never quite lead the charge. That remains the case with Oregon, Ohio State and USC announced as the final three schools that boil down to his commitment. The Trojans are believed to be the favorites at the moment, and while the Ducks are still in the picture, current buzz shows the 5-star EDGE will likely end up in Los Angeles.

Notre Dame 4-Star Running Back Jayden Limar

Photo courtesy of Jayden Limar

247 Sport Rating: 5 stars (0.9851)
National ranking: 275
Ranking of positions: 16

The buzz: Finally a flip that really makes me feel good. Almost everywhere you look, there are signs that Limar is reversing his Notre Dame commitment to Oregon. He’s one of the best prep players in Washington State, and the Ducks have been working on him constantly over the past few months, trying to get him to stay closer to home and join Carlos Locklyn in Eugene. Lots of predictions are afoot for Limar to return the Ducks before all is said and done, and I’d be surprised if we don’t see that announcement come out in the next 12-24 hours.

4 stars Baylor QB Austin Novosad

247 Sports Rating: 4 stars (0.9465)
National ranking: 86
Ranking of positions: 9

The buzz: This is a new addition to the list and one that has sprung up since the announcement of this 5-star QB Dante Moore returned from Oregon at UCLA. The Ducks are now looking for another prep QB they can add to the roster this offseason, and Novosad is one hell of an emergency plan. He’s had a relationship with Oregon OC Will Stein since his time in Texas, and while he’s currently committed to the Baylor Bears, there’s a feeling the Ducks are doing everything they can to bring him to Eugene.

Daylen Austin, 4-star LSU cornerback

Troy Wayrynen – USA TODAY Sports

247 Sport Rating: 4 stars (0.9495)
National ranking: 109
Classification of positions: 12

The buzz: Early beliefs were that Austin wasn’t planning on signing with a team until February, which put him on the list of potential flips for Oregon, but some recent buzz shows he’s considering making a move this week. . The LSU commit has made a few visits to Eugene over the past few months and I’m told Oregon feels good to be able to have him. Whether it’s tomorrow or February, I think the Ducks end up getting the flip.

Jamari Johnson 4 stars in Louisville Tight End

Craig Mitchelldyer – USA TODAY Sports

247 Sport Rating: 4 stars (0.8908)
National ranking: 415
Classification of positions: 26

The buzz: The Ducks are making a big late move on Johnson, who has been committed to the Cardinals since April. Johnson traveled to Eugene in October and was back on campus this past weekend. I think the Ducks are taking advantage of the coaching change in Louisville this offseason and pulling off the flip, bringing the 6-foot-5, 250-pound athlete to Eugene.

CB Caleb Presley 4 stars

247 Sport Rating: 4 stars (0.9310)
National Ranking: 165
Ranking of positions: 19

The buzz: It hasn’t happened yet (at 8:00 a.m. Tuesday), but I think Caleb Presley could announce his move to the Washington Huskies at any time. After making an official visit to Seattle earlier this month, the No. One player from Washington State was said to be strongly reconsidering his options and considering staying home instead of heading down south to Eugene. While it would hurt Oregon’s recruiting class, I think the Ducks were prepared for this outcome and eased the blow with the addition of Alabama transfer Khyree Jackson on Sunday.

5-star QB Dante Moore (Flip to UCLA)

247 Sport Rating: 5 stars (0.9947)
National ranking: 3
Ranking of positions: 3

The buzz: This flip has already happened, so it moves down the list. Most Oregon fans saw this one coming for a few days, and with the announcement that QB Bo Nix would be returning for the 2023 season, it took a bit of a sting knowing the Ducks have at least a little long before they need to determine their future on the job. Still, losing a player like Dante Moore is never easy, and losing him to a conference team like UCLA, with former Oregon coach Chip Kelly nailing the flip, makes him sting a bit more.

DL Ashton Porter 4 stars

Scott Olmos – USA TODAY Sports

247 Sport Rating: 4 stars (0.9007)
National ranking: 329
Classification of positions: 45

The buzz: Porter was in Eugene over the weekend and appears to be leaning towards the Ducks ahead of signing day. He had a great visit and was able to get to know the staff and the other players on the roster. At this point, all signs point to the Ducks landing this 4 star from Texas and adding some bulk to their defensive line.

ATH 3 stars Solomon Davis

Troy Wayrynen – USA TODAY Sports

247 Sport rating: 3 stars (0.8811)
National ranking: 573
Ranking of positions: 36

The buzz: While Davis visited Stanford over the weekend and would have loved it, there are still several predictions for him to end up with the Ducks at the end, including one from Steve Wiltfong of 247 Sports on Monday. Listed as an athlete but projected to play defensive back, Davis would be a great addition for the Ducks to make in the secondary this offseason.

Texas OL Junior Angelau

Kevin Jairaj – USA TODAY Sports

Collegiate statistics: 34 games played

The buzz: Angelau was on campus recently and the buzz from that visit has been very positive so far. He’s a veteran Texas player with a lot of experience on the offensive line, showing versatility playing in multiple positions. I’m told Angelau has developed a good relationship with Eugene’s staff, and at this point I expect him to move to the Ducks.

Rhode Island O.T.A Jani Cornelius

Collegiate statistics: 23 games played (22 started)

The buzz: Cornelius is one of the most coveted players on the transfer portal, and he’s down to the bottom four from Oregon, Nebraska, Tennessee and Ohio State. He will announce his engagement on Wednesday. Cornelius visited Eugene earlier this month and I believe the Ducks feel good about their ability to get him, but we’ll see where he ends up ultimately tomorrow.

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