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The Stock Exchange says hello to Santa Claus; Tesla, Apple, Disney Cheer Battered Investors Separator Site title Separator Site title

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Stock indices added to early gains at midday Thursday, raising deep lows. Oversold technical readings and the end of fiscal selling sessions may continue to increase buyer interest through Friday’s year-end finale.


The year’s tax-loss sales season is coming to an end, before next week’s clean slate. Hope the JanuaryEffect will then kick into high gear, knocking out this year’s biggest losers from the 52-week and multi-year lows.

The Dow Jones Industrial Average was up 1.2% at lunchtime while the S&P 500 added nearly 2%. Small caps attracted strong interest as positive seasonality approached, pushing the Russell 2000 up almost 2.8%. The Nasdaq composite matched small cap gains.

Nasdaq and NYSE volume nearly matched the first half of Wednesday’s session as we edged closer to the holiday long weekend. US stock exchanges will be closed on Monday for New Year’s Day.

The yield on 10-year Treasury bills slipped almost 0.7%, or 5 basis points, to 3.84%. Crude oil slid about 1% to $78.10 a barrel. Asian and European markets were mixed in quiet holiday trading.

In the crypto world, Bitcoin fell near November lows, trading around $16,600, while Coinbase (PIECE OF MONEY) bounced off Wednesday’s all-time low of 31.83.

The S&P 500 and Nasdaq are trading below them 50-day moving averages. The Dow Jones is holding just above its 50- and 200-day moving averages, unlike other benchmarks, but is trading too close to be comfortable.

Stock market: Apple emerges from the trough of the bear market

Dow component Apple (AAPL) slice double top bracket around 130 on Wednesday, falling to an 18-month low at 125.87. It rallied from that broken level on Thursday morning, triggering small-scale buy signals. His Relative strength rating declined to a miserable 25, while the relative force line is at its lowest since November 2021.

However, long-term support at 120 and below may limit downward pressure in the coming weeks. AAPL shares are trading up 3.4% on Thursday.

The tech icon is expected to close its 2023 fiscal year ending in September with a tiny 1% profit growth. However, growth is expected to jump 10% in fiscal 2024. Mutual funds are still heavily invested, with ownership increasing in each of the past three quarters.

Still in the Dow Jones, waltz disney (SAY) rose 4.5%, outpacing all other Dow indices.

The second Avatar film has just surpassed $1 billion in worldwide box office revenue. The movie only needs $120 million to pass Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness and Black Panther: Wakanda Forever for the highest-grossing Disney movie of 2022.

Tesla Short Squeeze delights Battery shareholders

You’re here (TSLA) sold at around 104 in Wednesday’s pre-market and rebounded strongly after news that fund manager Cathie Wood bought 17,000 shares for her struggling ARK innovation ETF (ARKK).

Automaker EV jumped more than 122 in Thursday’s stock action, continuing an oversold rebound. The tax squeeze on selling at a loss is coming to an end as short sellers get too aggressive. That could pave the way for a steamy short January squeeze that takes Tesla back above 160 or 170.

The best Tesla news so far this week? Elon Musk is keeping his mouth shut and avoiding more brand-killing tweets about his Twitter adventures.

Stock market movers and shakers

The Innovator IBD 50 ETF (FFTY) sold 1.3%, ignoring the widespread rally wave. Growth stocks are often overlooked when investors look for unbeaten opportunities.

Former IBD 50 component and market leader Cal Maine Foods (CALM) fell nearly 15%, failing a breakout on a three-month consolidation pattern. He triggered the 7% sale rule.

The egg producer reported earnings of $4.07 per share, missing estimates by 17 cents. Investors sold the stock aggressively, even as revenue rose 110% year-over-year to $801.7 million, beating consensus by nearly $3 million.

The company is benefiting from record average selling prices for eggs in the context of the highly pathogenic avian flu epidemic.

INN 50 making up Dr Horton (DHI) forms the handle of a 262-day-old child mug-with-handle-base and is trading just 5% below the buy point of 92.55. DHI stock rose 1.8% in the first half.

Surprise – The home builders are back

Homebuilders have made a surprising appearance on the IBD 50 in recent weeks, suggesting that many investors expect the group to bottom. That could be wishful thinking, as the monthly home sales data continues to disappoint, with 10 consecutive months of negative numbers.

However, weak supply should keep a floor under homebuilders over the next few months as positive demographics kick in. Specifically, millions of millennials have entered their nesting phase, with spouses and babies demanding larger homes. And in the end, many of these people will have no trouble paying 6% or 7% mortgages over 30 years.

As well in IBD 50, Box (BOX) continues to build a constructive climate bull flag model that fell back into the buy zone. For IBD readers, the model also advertises itself as a tight three-week training. This follows a Dec. 12 breakout above a buy point of 29.55 from a handle cup. The pullback is about to test support at the 21-day exponential moving average. BOX shares were up 2.7% at midday.

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