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The new PS5 model will be announced in early 2023

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The PS5 is an undeniable success, but for sure, its first steps on the market could have been better. The console was introduced in mid-2020 and launched in November of the same year. However, it took several months to gain traction in the market due to shortage of supply. The constraints that started with the pandemic are still affecting console production. The situation has improved this year, but the console is still far from the number of sales conquered by the PS4. Amid component shortages, manufacturing costs have risen and global inflation has forced sony increase the price of the console in certain markets. Now Sony has a solution that can improve inventory and reduce manufacturing costs. A new PS5 model is coming early 2023!

PlayStation 5 Pro or Slim? Apparently not

We have seen several rumors of a new PS5 model. Is it new PS5 Pro, or the PS5 Slim model? Apparently the new model to come is the one with a removable disk driver! As a reminder, a few months ago, rumors pointed out the existence of a new PS5 model with a removable disk driver.

Today, well-known journalist and insider Tom Henderson confirms the launch of the new model. Henderson says Sony will introduce the new console in early 2023. However, actual sales of the new model won’t start until September. Additionally, he says he had access to almost everything about the new console, from images to sales plans. According to him, the new PS5 will have a separate disk driver. This will reduce shipping and production costs. Eventually, this will replace the existing PS5 model.

Obviously the removable driver won’t look like this, but the picture explains the concept

According to him, some developers are testing the new console. So far, most of them consider it the right decision. As a reminder, Sony VP Hideaki Nishino recently revealed that 2023 will be an exciting year for PS5 hardware. Sony expects to sell around 30 million units in the next fiscal year. The new PS5 model could be the key to this success.

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Sony wants to sell 30 million console units in 2023, so the new model will help achieve that goal

We don’t know if the new PS5 will bring any major design changes. We don’t think it’s the necessary PS5 Slim, but it will certainly pave the way for a future compact version of the console. The removable disc will allow Sony to manufacture only one version of the console and sell it in both digital and disc versions.

PS5 owners will be able to easily remove the disk driver if it starts to fail or when they no longer need it. We also expect Sony to sell this disk driver separately. As a result, users of future digital-only editions will be able to add the feature to their consoles. A possible PS5 Slim could be launched without any disc drive, but offering support for this possible accessory. Of course, this is just speculation on our part. To clarify our ideas, we believe in three main things:

How the new PS5 model will replace the two existing versions

  • Sony will introduce a new PS5 model with a removable disk driver
  • The new PS5 will arrive in disc and digital versions – the digital version will be sold without the driver but will it have the “pins”? for attachment
  • Of course, the brand can sell the disk driver separately.

PS5 Pro

We expect more details on this upcoming PS5 model to emerge soon. The announcement may occur via a new PlayStation Experience event. As for the possible Pro or Slim versions, we will not discount these models for the future, especially the Slim. The PlayStation 5 is the biggest console in Sony’s history, the one that really needs a slim version. Sony has always launched compact versions, and the story should be no different from the current model.

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