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My family of 5 booked an inside cabin and an ocean view room on a Carnival cruise. Here's how they compared.

lisa galek on the bed in carnival legend, closet

I booked two rooms at the Carnival Legend for my family.Lisa Galek

  • I booked two 185 square foot rooms at the Carnival Legend for my family of five.

  • My husband and I shared a windowless unit and my three children stayed in an ocean view room.

  • Staying in separate cabins gave our family more space and privacy during our seven day trip.

I was looking for a November getaway, so I booked a seven-day cruise on Carnival Legend for my family of five.

lisa in front of carnival legend

My family and I embarked on a seven night cruise.Lisa Galek

On past holidays, we all stayed in the same hotel room. Once, we all crammed into the same little cruiser cabin.

This time, I booked two separate 185-square-foot cabins on Carnival Legend’s Riviera Deck for more space and privacy.

My husband and I stayed in a windowless inside cabin that had a king bed.

Carnival Legend bedroom one bed

My husband and I had our own inside cabin.Lisa Galek

The king was actually just two twin beds pushed together.

We each had a bedside table with a reading lamp.

bedside lamp

My husband and I sometimes go to sleep at different times, so our bedroom light came in handy.Lisa Galek

If any of us wanted to stay up a little later, we turned off the main lights and turned on the lamp.

My three children – ages 14, 11, and 8 – shared an ocean view cabin across the hall.

twin beds in the children's carnival cabin

My children’s room had two twin beds and a sofa bed.Lisa Galek

Connecting rooms were not available so my children stayed in their own separate room.

The kids room had two twin beds and a couch that turned into a third bed.

sofa in the room of carnival legends

The couch in my kids bedroom turned into a bed at night.Lisa Galek

It was more than enough space for the three of them.

The children’s bay window provided beautiful natural light.

window in cabin carnival legend

Our children’s room overlooked the water.Lisa Galek

Our room had no window and was without sunlight. In the future I would also book a ocean view room for adults.

The bathrooms of the two cabins were identical.

carnival legend bathroom sink and mirror

Even though my kids had an ocean view cabin, their bathroom, pictured here, looked similar to our cabin.Lisa Galek

Inside the bathroom there were plenty of storage shelves for our toiletries.

The cruise employees cleaned the bathrooms and replenished our towels daily.

carnival legend toilets and towels

The children’s bathroom upstairs was clean and well stocked with freshly laundered towels.Lisa Galek

Many hotels we checked into have stopped offering daily cleaning since the start of the coronavirus pandemic, but we enjoyed a clean bathroom and clean towels every day on the Carnival Legend.

The showers had shampoo and gel dispensers.

shower in the Carnival Legend cabin

My kids shower had free soap and shampoo.Lisa Galek

There was also a retractable clothesline in our bathroom to dry wet bathing suits.

Even with three children sharing a small bathroom, the floor remained dry thanks to the shower’s well-designed drainage system.

shower floor on bathroom carnival legend

The children’s bathroom has never flooded.Lisa Galek

I was glad to see that there was no water covering their entire bathroom floor.

The layouts of the two rooms made excellent use of the 185 square foot space.

carnival cruise closet

My husband and I had no trouble storing our belongings in the storage spaces in our inside cabin.Lisa Galek

We could easily store a week’s worth of items Thanks to all the drawers, shelves and hangers.

Two of the closets had rods for dresses and coats, with enough room to store our suitcases in the bottom.

carnival legend storage space

In our inside cabin we could store our luggage after unpacking and didn’t have to worry about it until we had to leave.Lisa Galek

My husband and I had no problem storing our suitcases and clothes properly.

Like many cruise cabins, our room had an outlet next to the desk.

carnival legend tv screen and shelves

All of our belongings fit into the storage spaces in the interior room.Lisa Galek

It was a bit annoying as my husband and I had to take turns charging our devices.

The crew confiscated one of our power strips.

taken with carnival legend plug in it

The inside cabin had an outlet, which is common in cruise cabins.Lisa Galek

I packed two power strips to avoid having to take turns using the grip, but only one did so on set. Unfortunately, the crew confiscated the other.

Carnival website He says power strips without surge protection are permitted, but those the crew deems unsafe will be removed and returned to the owner on the last day of the cruise before disembarkation.

However, the kids had no problem bringing their power strip to their cabin.

The TV screen was so small that my eyes felt strained at the end of the trip.

tv screen carnival legend

I like to watch movies before bed, so I was disappointed with the small size of the TV in the inside cabin.Lisa Galek

TV screen too small is not a big deal if you are not a movie buff.

However, our family likes it relax watching showsand by the end of the week, the small screen was tiring my eyes.

Inside a table was a mini fridge big enough to store two bottles of wine and some snacks.

mini fridge on carnival legend

The mini fridge in the inside cabin did not keep our drinks and food as cold as I would prefer.Lisa Galek

The only downside was that it wasn’t cold enough to chill the drinks.

Our rooms had thermostats, but I don’t think they worked well.

thermostat in carnival legend

We were supposed to be able to control the temperature in both rooms.Lisa Galek

The rooms had thermostats with moving dials, but turning them didn’t seem to affect the temperature.

Our cabin seemed too cold and the children’s area seemed too warm.

Even though we were on a Thanksgiving cruise, we decorated our cabin doors for Christmas.

holiday decorations on cruise cabin door

We put this holiday decoration outside the inside cabin.Lisa Galek

The small copper box was a letterbox where the crew members could deposit our excursion tickets and other informative leaflets.

On future family trips, I will stick to booking two separate rooms.

lisa galek sitting on the bed in the carnival hall

Staying in a different room than our kids was the perfect way to give them their own space.Lisa Galek

Our cabins were small but had plenty of storage options which made them more spacious.

Next time we go on a cruise or vacation, I will consider booking separate rooms for adults and children so everyone has their own private retreat.

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