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Jets playoff hopes seem over, and so does Zach Wilson

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The Zach Wilson era is over.

At close range, period. There’s no way to send him back there to the QB in a Jets uniform. He didn’t look anywhere near an NFL QB. He needs a reset and he will have to be with another team. It’s a shame that in just two short seasons it had to end like this, but this Jets team has too much talent for a draft. The quarterback position is the most important in sports and the Jets need someone capable of taking the reins and helping lead this team to the playoffs next season.

For this season, the playoffs now look like a pipe dream after Thursday night’s 19-3 loss to the Jaguars. What a pathetic effort on all levels. In response to the loss and abrupt turn of the formerly 7-4 season, we bring you a new episode of the “Gang’s All Here” podcast featuring Brian Costello and me. Joined me on the show is Gary Vee, a Rabid Jets fan and entrepreneur (who hopes to own the Jets one day).

Gang’s All Here Podcast with Jake Brown and Brian Costello:

ZACH WILSON’S ERA IS OVER: Thursday night was the last straw. Nothing was good. The offensive line was in shambles. The defense didn’t do enough. They didn’t create any turnovers outside of Quinnen Williams’ forced fumble. The supervision was not good. But we can’t keep making excuses for Wilson, who didn’t play NFL-caliber football. He needs a reset with another team. The Jets have some bright plays, but a huge QB hole and need to fix that this offseason.

SALEH’S TRAINING: Rough work not making the switch to QB at halftime for Chris Streveler or even Joe Flacco. It was too little, too late, giving Wilson two more drives in the third quarter. The offense was lifeless and it’s a poor job by Saleh. He also protected Zach after the game and claimed that he had improved since coming back from his bench, which is not close to being true. He was awful.

HOPE IN PLAYOFF: From planning a playoff game to 7-8 and a pipe dream. They’ll have to hope that Mike White is ready for the Jets’ game in Seattle and leads them to wins there and in Miami. Then they need the Dolphins to lose to the Packers or the Patriots. If they beat the Packers, they lost to the Patriots…they needed the Patriots to lose to the Bengals and the Bills. They also need the Jaguars to lose one of their last two games. My brain is hurting me.

Interview with Gary Vee:
Rabid Jets fan, entrepreneur

  • RAW TURN: It’s a weird feeling knowing the Jets probably won’t make the playoffs and those last two games probably won’t matter. The hope for this team was that at least every game counted.
  • ZACH’S FUTURE: Strange preference that he hopes Zach will at least be back as a replacement. They won’t get much for him right now in a trade. Would go with Mike White as start next season but needs to see contracts.
  • FUTURE OWNER: The goal is to own the Jets one day. The first thing to do if it was today would be to give long-term contracts to Robert Saleh and Joe Douglas. I would like to move the Jets to at least their own stadium and in New York, that would be great. Hates the Bills and the Giants. The jets must be in their place.
  • THE FUTURE OF JETS: There are a lot of bright pieces in this team. It’s hard to talk about it today, but this team has fought a lot of serious injuries. Douglas knocked him out of the park in the draft with those rookies. With the right QB, the Jets could be very good next season and move forward.


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